Victory Recovery

We are Jason and Mel, the husband and wife team behind the brand Victory Recovery Systems. 

We created VRS from our own desire for modern, powerful and scientifically-driven products to accelerate our recovery and get us back into the gym sooner! 


With a life-long passion for sport and fitness, we landed in the world of combat sport. Both of us have trained for a number of years in boxing, muay thai and jujitsu. Although we love it, we know just as well as anyone about the muscle pain that follows a gruelling training session. 

Over the years, we have experienced a number of small and large injuries, ranging from a torn ACL to a dislocated shoulder and multiple muscular and tendon sprains and strains. Some of these have resulted in extensive physiotherapy and ongoing treatment.


So we wanted to provide a solution for our fellow combat athletes to enhance their performance and recovery through devices proven to deliver real, noticeable results. We want to help you unlock your full potential.

We have dedicated our time and money to discover what works for us that’s convenient and user friendly. We personally test all of our products ourselves and take pride in the brand we are building. Our goal is to help our athletes feel rejuvenated and restored after each workout. 

Powerful, innovative and reliable. Train smart and become unstoppable with our cutting edge recovery products.

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