Trigger point massage balls. Do they actually work or should they just be used as a dog toy?

  • by Jason Mcdonnell

New to the fitness world or just starting out on your sports journey. No one would blame you if you had no idea what a trigger point massage ball was.

Here at VRS we are not in the game of selling products that don't work or that we wouldn't use ourselves.

We have used trigger point massage balls on a number of occasions and are going to help highlight to you some of the benefits.

First lets define what a trigger point is. A trigger point is a tight area of muscle tissue which causes localised pain or discomfort. This can also be referred to as a knot, which can be felt beneath the skin. A trigger point massage ball is designed to alleviate the pain and get rid of knots.

Here is a list of 5 benefits to using a trigger point massage ball:

- Decreased pain or discomfort ( knots )

- Increased range of motion

- Improves blood flow 

- Aids injury prevention

- Assists with injury rehabilitation.

Helpful instructional videos can be found on how to use the trigger point massage balls on youtube.



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