The Arena MMA - Gym Review & Recovery Tips

  • by Jason Mcdonnell

I was extremely excited to check out The Arena Mixed Martial Arts in Rockingham (WA) this week,having seen them at a number of fight shows in Perth. They have an active fight team and have produced a number of state, national and international champions.

Here they run like a well oiled machine, before I even stepped foot in this gym I was greeted with a  sophisticated online form system to save me the time and hassle of completing paperwork on arrival. A checkin system is available to sign in and staff man the front desk for any queries.

The gym consists of a large mat area which has a number of seats where you can watch the classes. A small strength and conditioning area out the back with 2 boxing rings with the addition of an upstairs area.  


I joined in on the boxing class taken by Jordan and I must say the class was packed. I was impressed with how well the class ran and that it catered to different experience levels. It was great to see a large number of people had only recently taken up boxing.

The Arena Mixed Martial Arts provide a number of classes from BJJ, Muay Thai, Boxing, Functional Fitness, MMA and kids classes. They have also delivered  a number of specialised programs which can be found on their webpage. They take pride in their coaches whom come with a wealth of experience and have a fight team who are actively competing. 

They where kind enough to share their recovery tips with us: 

Stretching - This is a fundamental part of each class. Stretching is done at the beginning with the warmup to decrease the risk of injury and increase flexibility. 

Remedial massage - This is recommended by one of the coaches who uses this on a regular bases to keep his body in check. This is known to have many benefits towards healing your body. If you have a good health fund you may find that some if not all of your treatment may be covered.

Ice Baths - This is quite commonly used by most combat sports gyms that I have been to. Ice baths are known to be  beneficial to the reduction of swelling and increasing post training recovery.

If you haven't already check out  The Arena Mixed Martial Arts at, Facebook or Instagram. 



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