Strike MMA - Gym Review and Recovery Tips

  • by Melanie Stone

“It’s in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped”

Not a better quote can be said for Dave Johnson the owner and head coach of Strike MMA and the story behind what drove him to get back into mixed martial arts.

We had the pleasure of being invited down to check out his gym in Port Kennedy (Perth) this week and where extremely humbled by the kind welcome we received.

I would not just describe Strike MMA as only an MMA gym but  also a community. On turning up to the gym you can tell their is a large focus on kids which was evident by the largest kids class I have seen to date. Dave is passionate and well experienced when it comes to MMA. He is not only humble in his skill but runs a professional class. Here they focus on not only the discipline the sport provides but the benefits it has on mental health and well-being. Here they aim to provide  people with the right skills and mindset to overcome adversity and to deal with todays challenges being experienced by our youth.


This is a well set out gym with two seperate large mat areas, a boxing ring and cage with a strength and conditioning area out the back. Their is room for parents to sit and observe their kids in the classes starting from ages three and up. Their is also plenty for the adults from BJJ, kickboxing, boxing and MMA for both those who wish to compete and those who do not.  I managed to jump in on one of the classes which definitely tested my skill and fitness level.


Everyone has a story to tell. Dave has kindly shared his story on his blog ' Fire works and the Bali attack ' Here he also shares his wealth of knowledge, motivational tips and information relevant to MMA.

Dave took the time out to share his RECOVERY tips with us:

- Foam Rolling - Dave informed us he is always encouraging those training to foam roll pre and post training. He provides a number of foam rollers at the gym for members to use. Dave states that most of the guys are pretty good with doing their own foam rolling when they are feeling sore. 

- Supports and Braces - Having recently gone through knee surgery to repair his meniscus Dave is a great fan of using additional knee support and braces to aid in his recovery and prevent further injury. Mixed martial arts is a really hard sport on the body and injuries are quite common. Other members where using additional ankle and knee supports during training.

- Stretching -  A warm up is done at the beginning of each class  and stretching is completed at the end. This is to reduce the risk of injury and increase post training recovery. This is generally standard of each class. 

If you would like to check out Strike MMA  you can find them at, Facebook and Instagram.


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