Staying MOTIVATED In Winter

  • by Jason Mcdonnell

These cold, rainy, winter mornings make me not want to get out of bed. This past week it has rained non stop and all I have wanted to do is go for a nice sunny morning run. Instead I have found myself wanting to sit on the couch with a hot chocolate and watch netflix.

If your feeling the winter blues, don't worry you are not alone.

Here's what we do to keep motivated:

Switch it up

Although the weather puts a dampener on my morning runs this is the time of year to switch it up. Its too dark and cold in the morning so I try and make my afternoons a bigger work out session. Having a gym you can workout in is always a help. I don't particularly like the treadmill but technology is great so downloading and watching your favourite shows makes it more enjoyable.


Find a workout buddy

Rest assured if your feeling the winter blues your friends are probably feeling the same. Use one another to spur each other on. If you don't have like minded friends get a personal trainer. Having someone to keep you accountable and relying on you to turn up to your session makes you more likely to get some training in.


Set Goals

I know this gets mentioned a lot but its so important. Set yourself realistic goals, its best not to focus on the scales. Weight lifting targets or the amount of reps your able to complete or distance your able to run. Setting yourself up to compete in an event will definitely keep you on track if this is something you want to do especially if you have a competitive streak.




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