Scrappy MMA - Gym review and Recovery Tips

  • by Jason Mcdonnell

' If you do not train hard, you will never full fill your full potential ' 

The team at Scrappy MMA train every bit to their full potential. Being backed by one of the most well respected names in the Perth MMA scene Ben Vickers has done an exceptional job of building and promoting his gym. Having recently re branded from MMA Clinic the gyms quality and location in Willetton (Perth) remains the same.

There is something to be said about the combat sports industry in Perth. I have received such a humble welcoming from all the locations I have visited and Scrappy MMA was no different.Their is a real sense of community here with one of the members stating ' Its very friendly and family orientated, I didn't find it intimidating when I first started here'. I joined in on the boxing class which focused on skill and combinations including some light sparring at the end. Coach Darcey was very knowledgeable and ran a great class.                                                

The gym itself is quite large, depending on what you are most interested in they have a boxing ring, cage, multiple mat areas and a small strength area out the back. Their timetable caters to all your MMA fundamentals which are boxing, Muay Thai, BBJ,strength and conditioning and MMA classes.

Ben does an exceptional job of supporting and promoting his fighters. He has a number of  well known names training and representing his gym. If you are wanting to compete and take your training to another level this is the right place for you.



I had the pleasure of talking to some of the coaches and had them share their recovery tips with me: 

Baths - Ice baths have been well known to help with post training recovery which is what they recommend but they also mentioned warm epsom salts baths, which we are very familiar with. Magnesium is used to help relax the muscles and reduce muscle cramps. You can find Epsom salts at your normal grocery store, the instructions are provided on the packet but generally its recommended to put in 375g ( be sure to double check ).

Rollers - They supply a number of foam rollers at the gym which where being used by their members post training. Both coaches mentioned how much they like to foam roll after training, focusing on the legs and back. They find it helps relieve muscle pain and tightness.

Cryotherapy- This is located at the gym, which is great to see. Cryotherapy also known as 'cold therapy' which is where your body is exposed to extremely cold temperatures and consists of you standing in a specialised chamber or pod as some will call it. This has been known to help with reducing pain and inflammation and increasing the healing process of sports injures, similar to that of ice baths. The convenience of having this located at the gym is a huge benefit to those training there.

If you haven't already, check out Scrappy MMA at, Facebook or Instagram. 



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