Ringfit Training Centre - Gym Review & Recovery Tips

  • by Jason Mcdonnell

Ever walk into a gym and the smell of week old sweat and BO smacks you in the face?

Well let me tell you this is NOT that gym.

We can easily say this is one of the most professionally run boxing gyms in Perth. Initially walking in it is very clean and well presented. You can tell a lot of passion and pride has gone into building this gym and its definitely a positive reflection on the owner and head coach Daniel Rodgers. 

Having first opened the doors in 2013, Ringfit has been at the current location in Burswood (Perth) going on 4 years. They have moved with the times and are forward thinking in their specially designed daily programs used for their beginners to elite boxers. This ensures the continuity between classes and coaches, giving you the highest level of training all the time. The implementation of the MYZONE system allows for easy performance tracking and goal setting. This is not a feature commonly seen in a gym this size and is a great benefit to their members.

Daniel Rodgers has a wealth of knowledge being a previous elite level boxer who has also worked as a personal trainer/ fitness instructor. His professional approach to his business is easily reflected in his fight team, having trained a number of golden glove and national medalists. If you are reading this and thinking you are too old to be boxing, think again. Age is just a number here! They have a fight team for those 40+ if you have ever wanted to give it a go. 


The gym consists of two seperate mat areas and a ring for sparring. There is a selection of bags and equipment with the addition of a small weights area. Different types of classes are available which range from box-fit, boxing for different age groups, functional strength and a bootcamp class to keep you motivated.They cater to all experience levels and provide a friendly and welcoming environment. Here they take a refreshing approach to recovery and looking after their fight team.

We where fortunate enough for Daniel to share his RECOVERY Tips with us:

- Ice baths, These are popular with post training recovery and have been used at Ringfit. Daniel particularly recommends the use of contrasting baths (hot/cold) which has been known to significantly improve recovery and reduce muscle soreness. 

- Rest, Daniel states "Their is no slacking off in this gym so when they need a rest day they are encouraged to have it". Leading into fight week Daniel will get his team to taper off their training with no training on the last 2 - 3 days. This will give their body time to rest up and recover ready for their impending fight. 

- Rollers/ Massage guns - Its refreshing to see foam rolling encouraged at the end of training. Daniel has put a lot of focus on understanding the human body and is innovative in the way he thinks. He provides  a range of rollers and has a massage gun available in the gym which he uses for those with particularly sore muscles post training to expedite recovery and reduce the risk of injury.


You can find Ringfit Training Centre at www.ringfit.net.au, Facebook and Instagram.



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