Resistance training products you can use at home.

  • by Melanie Stone

The concept of resistance training is based around exercises which require your muscles to contract against an external force. This can be in the form of weights, bands, body weights or any form of object meeting the above criteria.

Resistance training is aimed at increasing power and strength. We have a number of products on our site used for this purpose. These are also great when you are aiming at increasing strength during injury rehabilitation. 


Heres a list of our top 3 resistance training products.


- 5 pack resistance bands 

These are great as the bands come with different strengths depending on how much resistance you require. As they are a full band they can be used for assistance with exercises such as chin ups or isolating muscle groups.

- Resistance training pull rope  

Designed for a comprehensive resistance training workout, this will strengthen some of your largest muscle groups all at once rather than isolating one particular area.

- Pull Rope Yoga  

Just like the bands these tubes work in a similar way. The benefit of these is the handles which allow you to easily hold onto. These are best for chest and arm exercises but can be used for a full resistance workout.



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