Premier Boxing Club - Gym review & Recovery Tips

  • by Melanie Stone

This week we where fortunate enough to check out Premier Boxing Club located in Osborne Park, Perth. Having been located here for 15 years you will find many people in the Perth Boxing scene know this gym.  

Arriving early I had a chance to speak with some of the members and I learnt pretty quickly I was not in for a leisurely Saturday morning workout, in the Ladies Boxing Class.

Owner and coach Richard Davis, along with head coach Phil Crawley have a wealth of experience and knowledge between them. Having started his own gym in his back yard 28 years ago Richard has trained state, national and international boxers for over 30 years. 

Walking into the gym you automatically get a good feel for the place. Talking with one of their members Jennie who has been at the gym since 2014, she stated that she like the place because it has "no frills and no egos" and we couldn't agree more. You will find in the combat sports world that some gyms are full of egos, but this is one gym you can walk into with absolutely no boxing experience and know you will be looked after. 



Phil you can tell from the outset has a passion for what he does and a great sense of humour. Joining the gym 12 years ago he is a highly experienced english boxer. You are guaranteed to get a solid workout but most importantly you will get taught how to actually box. Its refreshing to see the focus on technique and skill, some gyms are just interested in "boxing for fitness" which any person with boxing experience wouldn't call boxing. 

The gym itself has a small weights area and ring for sparring. Its well thought out with the mat area being sectioned by colors into 4 different spaces to allow for 5 lots of sparring to occur at the one time, with the inclusion of the ring. Its not a huge gym, but big enough that you wont be able to get to your water bottle in time for your 20 second water break. 

They have a number of classes during the week ranging from ladies boxing, advanced boxing, old boys boxing 40+, boxing for skill and fitness, aus-box and teen boxing. They do have a fight team who train to compete if you are wanting to take your boxing further.






Richard and Phil kindly took the time to share their RECOVERY tips ; 

 - Rest, during the last week leading up to a fight Richard will tell his fighters to taper their training off. Monday will be the last hard training day, and their workload will progressively decrease. No training on the last 3 days allows for their bodies to have time to recover. 

- Stretching, is always so important. They recommend this should be done on a regular basis to avoid sore muscles and aid flexibility, even including days that you are not training.

- Foam Rolling, the guys fighting often do their own foam rolling, we provide a couple of foam rollers in the gym. Phil mentioned that he uses these himself as he often gets sore hamstrings. 

They are open from 9am every day of the week except Sunday so you can go and see the gym for yourself or find them at



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