Legends Academy - Gym Review & Recovery Tips

  • by Jason Mcdonnell

We joined the hustle and bustle down at Legends Academy this week while they where in full renovation mode. Formally known as NRT they are now back and ready to make there mark in 2020.

If you are wanting to compete in combat sports this gym is definitely worth a look. Owned and operated by 'Daniel The Rock Dawson' whom has a wealth of knowledge and fighting experience, you will absolutely be in great hands. Daniel is known as one of the best strikers in the world in the disciplines of Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing. He is an 8 x world champion with an impressive fight record.


Daniel has surrounded himself with a great team of coaches whom will continue on with the new transition into "Legends Academy". They are focused on building not just a gym but a community, making sure every coach has a positive impact on each and every member through the sport that they have all dedicated many years to. Their fight team is often seen at fight shows around Perth competing. They provide classes in Muay Thai, Boxing, Strength & Conditioning as well as kids classes.

The gym is thoroughly thought out with a small shop/front desk, bag area, large mat area, boxing ring and strength and conditioning space upstairs with new equipment. The gym space used to be an old hall so the area is very large and open compared to most gyms and boasts a floor space of approx. 340 sqm.


Daniel was kind enough to share his recovery tips with us: 

Trigger Point Balls - Muscle Knots ( myofascial trigger points ) are common when it comes to Muay Thai/Kickboxing due to the impact from leg kicks. This is where the bands of tissue become tense and tighten.Daniel highly recommends the use of trigger point balls to relive these knots. He has one of our Vibrating trigger point balls which requires less working of the knots due to the vibration technology.

Foam Rolling - Daniel finds this as a great way to combat muscle fatigue post training and reduce the likelihood of DOMS. They recommend this to their members and encourage foam rolling after class. 

Physio/Chiro - Due to the high intensity of training injuries can be common in this sport. To maintain a high level of performance and keep the body in check Daniel does recommend either seeing a physiotherapist or chiropractor when needed. 


If you would like to check out Legends Academy you can find them at www.legendsacademyperth.com.au, Facebook and Instagram https://instagram.com/legendsacademyperth 


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