KICKASS MMA - Steve "The Steamrolla" Kennedy's recovery tips.

  • by Melanie Stone

Anyone who knows anything about MMA in Perth has heard the name Steve "The Steamrolla" Kennedy.

With a long list of accomplishments ranging from competing in the UFC, taking out the BJJ Black Belt National Wrestling championship (freestyle), Professional boxer, professional kick-boxer and Pan pacific BJJ champion its hard to find what Steve hasn’t done.

Along with his never ending career Steve and his lovely wife Coralie are the proud owners of Kickass MMA situated in Morley, Perth.

 Just like Steve’s fight record, this place is nothing to sneeze at. With a total space of approximately 700 sqm this gym has one of the largest mat areas in Perth. They run a number of classes such as BJJ, Striking, Wrestling, Kids MMA, Strength & conditioning and Boxing.

You don’t have to be a professional to train here. If you are interested in competing, having a head coach with this much experience defiantly makes Kickass MMA one of the best places to be. Multiple classes are run in three different areas at a time so if your wanting to change up your training routine you have plenty of options available.


We have been fortunate enough to train under Steve and can speak first hand about having him as a coach. Along with his love of Slurpee’s and wicked sense of humor, you can see the passion and love he has for the sport. He pushes you to set new limits and you will feel his frustration when you have managed to not listen to his advice, of course unintentionally! He once mentioned “its not a real gym unless there is blood on the floor” and I can tell you this is a place where sparring is NO joke.

We first met Steve when he moved from his old gym into his larger facility in 2015 and what they have done in that time is impressive. They have expanded twice since then and continue to add new equipment and highly skilled trainers.


Steve was kind enough to share with us his RECOVERY tips: 

- Hot & Cold Showers - Known as an easy way to improve circulation and increase recovery among athletes, Steve said "its easy to implement and takes no additional time out of his day". He will often do this after a hard training session.

- Light workouts/ Stretching - Even the best cant train 100% every day of the week. Steve and his team will focus on light workouts especially during fight week which consists of shadow boxing and stretching to prevent injury. He likes the use of resistance bands to assist with increasing flexibility.

- Foam Rolling - After most training session Steve likes to find some time for foam rolling. He uses this particularly for sore or tired muscles. He encourages this with his fight team to prevent injury and help with range of motion.

If you would like to check out Kickass MMA walk-ins are welcome. You can also find them on Facebook, Instagram or at


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