Foam Roller Exercises for Relieving Muscle Soreness and Tension

  • by Melanie Stone

If you suffer from sore and tired muscles after training and haven't used a foam roller before, now is the time to START!

Foam rolling allows you to self massage your muscles. No need to pay to get  a massage, you can practically do this anywhere and its EASY.

Foam rolling focuses on keeping the thin tissue connecting our muscles flexible. When we injure, over exert or are inactive this tissue tightens and stiffens. You can choose to do this after every training session or on days when your feeling especially sore. This will help you with your post workout recovery.

Using a foam roller will help you with the following:

- Muscle tightness or tension

- Flexibility 

- Increased recovery 

- Reduce muscle pain and discomfort 

- Increased blood flow to the muscles

Here are 4 Back, Leg and Glute exercises you should be doing after your next workout. Try doing each exercise for 60 seconds.



Upper Back - DON'T foam roll your lower back 


Foam rolling can be uncomfortable at times but it shouldn't be painful. If you feel as though you may have injured yourself please seek professional advice. 

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