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As we know, technology is constantly evolving to make our lives more fluent and efficient, and there’s no exception when it comes to sports tech. One prime example is the massage gun. Since its invention in 2008, this incredible device has revolutionised recovery for athletes. Massage guns are reported to yield the same results as deep tissue massage, only with the convenience of reaping the rewards in a matter of minutes. Cutting edge percussive technology delivers rapid pulses to the target area to relieve muscle pain and increase blood flow, yet the scope of benefits you can receive stretch far beyond this. Here are 10 reasons why you need a massage gun to take your recovery to the next level.

#1 Enhanced performance and recovery

As we mentioned, massage guns use percussive technology to relieve muscle tension. You might be wondering, But how does it work? Well, this process improves muscle contraction, helping to lengthen the muscles and fascial tissues to relieve built-up stress. Similar to massage, massage guns relax the muscles and release fluids deep within to enhance circulation and the supply of nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. Essentially, the time it takes for your muscles to repair is shortened so you can back into the gym sooner!

#2 Increased range of motion

Mobility is important for everyone, especially athletes. Massage guns don’t just work their magic on your muscles - they also treat your tendons, ligaments, joints and connective tissue. By increasing blood flow and releasing tension, your muscles and joints will become more flexible and have a positive impact on your athletic performance.

#3 Vibrational healing

Vibrational healing is based on vibrations and subtle energies, delivering a unique treatment depending on each person’s energy field. Percussive therapy delivers vibration deep into the muscles and therefore provides the same benefits, including improved blood and lymph circulation that enhances oxygen and nutrient delivery to the muscles. Not only can you relieve pain and fatigue from muscles worked in the gym, but you can also relieve any soreness from your neck, shoulders and lower back as well. 

#4 Relieve muscle spasms 

Muscle spasms can be agonising, but you can easily counter these by applying pressure to the target muscles. This relaxes the area and reduces the risk of spasms or stiffness.

#5 Break up scar tissue

Scar tissues are made up of collagen fibres that repair damaged fibres in the body, but they aren’t as flexible compared to other muscle tissue. Massage guns can help break down this scar tissue - whether from sports or surgery - and help to alleviate pain and improve elasticity.

#6 Prevent injury

If you’re a combat athlete, you’ll know that injury is a major risk of the sport. However, you can greatly reduce the risk through optimal recovery and massage guns are a fantastic tool to achieve this! Many injuries are caused by muscle cramps and straining tense muscles during exercise, and massage guns counter this by improving blood and oxygen circulation.

#7 Injury rehabilitation

Haven’t gotten your hands on a massage gun yet and already have an injury? Massage guns are also an effective rehabilitation tool. Used in conjunction with a traditional recovery system, the device accelerates regeneration and prevents repeat injuries by promoting the mobility of the muscle and fascial tissue to make the damaged muscle more stable.

#8 Release lactic acid

Depleted oxygen levels in the body cause a build-up of lactic acid in the bloodstream and the body may struggle to burn it off at a fast enough rate. You’re probably familiar with the consequences of this: exhaustion, nausea, muscle cramps, and so on. Massage guns help the body release lactic acid as well as other toxins.

#9 Nervous system activation

Massage guns stimulate the receptors of the sympathetic nervous system, relieving tension and promoting muscle relaxation and mobility by causing vasodilation in the skin and muscles.

#10 Enhance wellness

The benefits of massage guns, aside from targeting muscle pain and recovery, flow on to enhance your overall wellbeing as well. Massage guns have also been reported to assist with sleep, immunity, depression, anxiety, digestive disorders and more. Seriously, is there anything they can’t do?!

Optimal recovery has benefits that infiltrate your performance, wellbeing and quality of life. The VRS Massage Gun is sleek, lightweight, and the perfect addition to your gym bag to promote fast recovery before and after your training session. Click here to learn more. 


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