Elite recovery products for casual or competitive combat athletes to train safely and maximise their performance.

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Sleek, quiet and powerful. The most advanced percussion massage device to hit the market using Victory Percussion technology

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Victory Vibration technology relieves deep tissue muscle tension to accelerate your recovery.

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What our customers have to say...

Victory Recovery Systems products are unreal. After constantly being sore and stiff after MMA or motocross their bands, roller and gun have helped me so much to get rid of that tightness and soreness so the next few days after are pain free. Amazing service and quick postage, would highly recommend to get in touch for all your recovery needs.

Brendon . Riley

Victory Recovery Systems range of rollers, trigger balls and bands have made my recovery and mobility sessions so effective and efficient. Having the tools to work on every niggle in one place leaves no stone unturned.

Cameron . Bulley

Great products that have helped me with several injuries and muscular issues. Very good service.

Clive. Stone

What has stood out for me using VRS products, for the last year is the quality. They've worked wonders to aid in recovering my body from the intense load of fight training. Plus they haven't faded a day! Best investment in my health, not just as a fighter. My go to products has got to be the Vibration Massage Charge as it makes foam rolling so much easier!

Bryony Soden

Victory Recovery Systems have changed my mindset around recovery. They make it easy and affordable with the top of the range products, low prices and great service! Previously to using Victory products my recovery was almost next to non existent. I would constantly have aches and pains without properly knowing how to deal with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for recovery either being a top level athlete or general gym goes.

Tyler Hardcastle

Victory Recovery Systems is changing the game one product at a time. The products are all top quality and are built to last providing nothing but the best and thats exactly what they do. I have had such an improvement from the vibrating foam roller, its helped from decreasing pain and getting deeper into the muscle than any other foam roller I have used. One might even say it's the best thing since sliced bread.

Jenna Whiteman


Jake Matthews

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